Emma Houston and Artur Vidal


Artur Vidal and Four Three Three present a special public performance of Pauline Oliveros' Sonic Meditation 'Have You Ever Heard The Sound Of An Iceberg Melting?'. This performance will be both immersive and participatory aiming to create a complete environment for listening rather than a static concert.
Performed by The Springfield Park Sonic Meditation Study Group

EMMA HOUSTON (FourThreeThree)
Musician, Composer

'The desire always to be right is an ignoble taskmaster, as is the desire for immortality. The performance of any Vidal action brings us closer to death; if it didn't it would lack Vidality. Life is a force to be used and if necessary used up. "Death is the virtue in us going to its destination" (Lieh Tzu).'
~ Cornelius Cardew, Towards An Ethic Of Improvisation

There is no such thing as silence. FourThreeThree is a creative platform born from the need to express the suppressed. Bridging the gap between artist and musician we aim to investigate sound through experimentation including exhibitions, installations & live performances.

FourThreeThree Founder, Emma Houston is a musician and composer whose recent performances include the V&A, Barbican, Royal Academy of Arts, Union Chapel & LimeWharf Cultural Innovation Hub.


Artur Vidal is a Spanish-born saxophone player and sound artist who grew up in Paris and currently resides in London. As such, he has performed in Europe, Asia and America. His work is interested in the possibilities of improvisation from the perspective of its implications within the social field. As an active member of the improvised music scene, he has been playing and recording with musicians who include Eddie Prévost, Phil Durrant, Jennifer Allum, Roger Turner and Sébastien Branche, with whom he makes up the improvising saxophone duo ‘Relentless’. He has currently completed an MA in Sound Arts and started in 2013 an Mphil/PhD research at London College of Communication about the notions of silence and sociality in Improvised Music.

What does Improvisation mean to you?

E.H: Mindfulness and the transient, impermanence of life.