Every Conversation is a form of Jazz.

-Stephen Nachmanovitch

Of Improvisation is an exciting three day pop-up event which is located in the heart of East London. This event is based upon the premise that we are all improvisers.

Throughout this event ‘Improvisation’ is regarded as the essence of creativity, where the process of instantaneous creation will become as ordinary to us as breathing itself. It is a process as old as mankind itself, yet not exclusively related to the arts.

People are the very substance to this project. It aims to celebrate human uniqueness, it will encourage us to make better use of our innate ability to play, our ingenuity and our creativity.
Instead of remaining unconscious recipients of what is being presented to us, we are being invited to come along and become co-creators in this event. By participating in the completion of art works and engaging in open debates, we will have the opportunity to leave behind our passive role and will be encouraged to share own opinions and creative ideas.

Of Improvisation aims to bring art to life, to break down the barriers between the artist and the audience, art and the everyday. The participants will have the chance to enjoy interactive installations as well as multiple programme of workshops, performances, comedy, poetry, storytelling, discussions and more..